Model push, pull&pullers, move fixtures, machines and wagons. Equipped with pneumatic vertical adjustable coupling. ARL 500A and ARL 1200A are convenient to use when moving heavy machinery, fixtures, carts, even end products. ARL 500 A and ARL 1200A are versatile enough for manufacturing, maintenance, processing or service environment.
• Air Bellows: Inflates to link load to mover; downward pressure onto drive roller
• Drive roller: features polyurethane material for optimum traction, excellent durability and easier steering
• Air Valve: provides smooth variable speed adjustment for precise operator control
• Handle Housing: Safely shields air supply lines and drive direction control.
• SuperStructure: is durable, corrosion-resistant Nicked plated steel
• Pusharm Socket: accepts various male interfacings (ball, pin, rod)
• Dual revolving wheels: of durable phenol material provide easy steering for versatile movements of loads
• Air Motor: can reverse for optimum manoeuvering of loads.

P&P&Litfer ARL500A Reversible/lift

P&P Lifer ARL500A

Application: To move vagons
Capacity: < 15 ton
Weight: 30 kg
Traction: 500 kp
Maximum speed: 20 m/min
Air pressure: 6 bar
Air volume: 1000 l/min.

P&P&Litfer ARL1200A Reversible/lift

P&P Lifer ARL1500A

Application: To move vagons
Capacity: 20 ton
Weight: 45 kg
Traction: 900 kp
Maximum speed: 17 m/min
Air pressure: 6 bar
Air volume: 1200 l/min.